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Grifhold #88 Dual Cutter

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Grifhold #88 Dual Cutter is another variation of a cutting tool produced by Grifhold, a company known for manufacturing quality drafting and crafting tools. As with the previously mentioned Grifhold #161 Dualflex Dual Cutter, the #88 Dual Cutter likely provides users with versatility in cutting various materials.

Here are some features and uses of the Grifhold #88 Dual Cutter:

  1. Dual Cutting Blades: Similar to the #161, the #88 Dual Cutter likely features two cutting edges, allowing users to switch between different types of blades or cutting techniques. This dual functionality enhances versatility and efficiency in cutting tasks.

  2. Design and Construction: The #88 Dual Cutter is likely designed with a comfortable handle for ease of use and precision cutting. The construction is expected to be durable and suitable for both professional and hobbyist use.

  3. Compatibility: This cutter can be used for cutting materials such as paper, cardboard, fabric, thin plastics, and other lightweight materials commonly used in crafting, scrapbooking, and model making.

  4. Safety Features: It's essential to handle cutting tools with care, and the #88 Dual Cutter likely includes safety features such as blade guards or retractable blades to prevent accidental cuts and injuries.

  5. Replaceable Blades: Like many cutting tools, the blades of the #88 Dual Cutter are likely replaceable, allowing users to maintain sharpness and cutting precision over time.