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Matsui 301 Clear RC Ready For Use Waterbased Ink

by Matsui
SKU M301C03
Original price $19.95 - Original price $2,200.00
Original price
$19.95 - $2,200.00
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Size: Quart

Matsui Clear 301 C Base

Clear 301C Base - A clear binder base for use on white and light colored fabrics. Can be printed through a high mesh count screen up to 305 which will produce an ultra soft hand. Mix 5-10% pigment to binder by weight.



Product Information
End Uses
• High fashion wearables
• White and light fabrics
• Sweatshirts and towels
• Cotton
• Cotton / polyester blends
• Cotton / rayon blends

Application Information
• Use 120 - 305/inch (47-120/cm) mesh
• Use a water-proof direct emulsion or capillary
film for optimal results
• Square edge, 60-80 durometer blade
• Mix with 301 Neo pigments and print directly
onto white and light colored fabrics
• Cure for 2.5 to 3 minutes at 320° F (160° C)
• Use air flow dryer to cure ink more efficiently
Clean up
• Simply use water and mild soap or detergent

Clear binder base for use on white
and light colored fabrics

Regulatory Compliance
Compliance with major regulated substances attested by
Matsui Shikiso Chemical Co, LTD.
√ Formaldehyde: A - Ao < 0.03
√ Heavy Metals*: In compliance
√ Chlorinated Phenols: In compliance
√ Phthalate Content: In compliance
√ Organotin Compound: In compliance
√ Orthophenylphenol (OPP): In compliance
√ Colorants Based on Cleavable MAK
Amines: In compliance
√ Carcinogens: In compliance
√ Allergens: In compliance
√ Chlorinated Organic Carriers:
In compliance
√ APEO Contents: In compliance
* Our products are manufactured under strict quality
control. Neither heavy metals nor any raw materials
containing heavy metals are ever intentionally used.
Official tests are not conducted on each raw material
purchased by Matsui, and the possibility of contamination
at the micro-level by other factors is possible.