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Matsui Foaming Base Ht/Puff

by Matsui
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Size: Gallon

Matsui's Foaming Base HT is a cutting-edge water-based special effect ink designed to produce a distinctive foaming or puff effect. This versatile ink allows you to experiment with various special effect binders from Matsui, offering a wide range of creative possibilities (please note that Foil Adhesive and Shine Binder are not compatible).

This unique ink can be pigmented using the 301 Neo Series Pigments, providing vibrant and customizable color options. It undergoes curing at a moderate temperature of 320°F for just 3 minutes, ensuring a quick and efficient printing process. Furthermore, Matsui's Foaming Base HT is PVC-free, aligning with eco-friendly practices in ink formulation. Elevate your printing projects with this innovative ink that combines creativity, versatility, and environmentally conscious design