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Matsui Photopia RFU Blue

by Matsui
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Size: Quart

When printing on polyester knit or woven fabric (specially Spandex / Lycra fabric), dye sublimation ('bleeding) from the fabric is likely to happen. Under Coat Binder is a water based binder used as an under print layer to block sublimation from the fabric. The pigment print on the top is not hindered and will remain white or other printed colors. Under Coat Base is eco friendly and free of PVC. Phthalates, Organo Tin compounds and any other substances banned by regulation.



HOW TO USE:Preheat pallets to over 140°F before starting to print. Use 80 Mesh and print the Under Coat with 2 strokes. Flash. Print Matsui Stretch White on top of the Under Base with 100 to 165 mesh fabric, also with 2 strokes. Cure at 300°F for three minutes.


TYPICAL FORMULA:Use 50 to 100% Under Coat Base with zero to 50% Matsui Stretch Clear, and 2 to 3% Fixer N.


SCREEN COATING, FILM, BLOCKOUT: Water resistant direct photostencils, or solvent soluble knife-cut stencils are suitable.

WASHUP:5505 Detergent or 2300 Soysol Washup

ALWAYS TEST PRINT BEFORE PRODUCTION! All quantity breaks are in total gallons (not quarts) of ink assorted.