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Screen Printing 101 Class | March 15-16, 2024
Screen Printing 101 Class

McLogan Graphic Press Wash

Original price $15.35 - Original price $1,399.00
Original price
$15.35 - $1,399.00
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Size: Quart

Graphic Press Wash is designed for all inks, especially vinyl, water-based, epoxy, and enamel. This screen cleaner will protect the fabric from deep stains or ghosting from the image print, which makes it much easier when complete reclamation of the screen is necessary. It will perform as a press wash when changing colors between jobs and/or as a screen opener for continuous printing. It can be re-circulated or applied manually by towel or spray equipment. PRESS WASH AND SCREEN OPENER Apply product on both sides of screen and then wipe or squeegee off until all residue is gone. Graphic Press Wash works extremely well when cataloging the screen. RECIRCULATING SCREEN CLEANER Card excessive ink from the screen. This product can be continuously re-circulated until the product becomes too heavily soiled with solids. Ised product may be filtered and reused. Dispose of in accordance with state, local, and federal regulations.