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Nazdar VF Series Flat Vinyl Screen Ink

by Nazdar
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$21.00 - $369.78
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Color: VF103 Brilliant Red
Size: Kilo
PRODUCT INFO: These inks are formulated to fuse with vinyl surfaces and can be used on both rigid and flexible vinyl plastic, as well as on some vinyl coatings. They have excellent opacity and fast drying qualities with good printablilty. VF Series will dry to a film which will be as flexible as the vinyl surface itself. All colors except VF111 Black may be heat sealed. VF121 Non-Arcing Black is used for heat sealing. SUBSTRATES: Vinyl plastics, Some Vinyl Coatings, and some leather (must be tested on leather) USES: Novelties, Inflatables, Vinyl Wall Coverings, Vinyl Book Covers.

150-280 tpi (60 - 10 tpcm) monofilament polyester mesh for most applications
Solvent resistant direct emulsions and capillary films
70-80 durometer polyurethane squeegee
1000-1500 square feet (93 – 139 square meters) per gallon depending upon ink deposit
The VF Series ink must be thinned approximately 10% prior to printing. (See additives section) Add only enough ink to the screen to be able to print for 5-10 minutes. Add additional ink in small increments throughout the print run to maintain screen stability. Thoroughly mix the inks prior to printing.
Maintain ink temperatures at 65°-90°F (18°-32°C) for optimum print drying performance. Lower temperatures increase the ink viscosity, impairing both flow and drying. Elevated temperatures lower the ink viscosity, reducing print definition, film thickness and opacity.
Pretest to determine optimum printing performance for a particular set of ink, substrate, screen, press, and drying variables/conditions.
VF dries by solvent evaporation and jet dries at temperatures of 140oF.-160oF. (53oC.- 71oC). Good air circulation is necessary to remove the vaporized solvents. Multiple layers of ink may require longer drying times than a single layer.
Mixing Clear / Metallic Mixing Clear: Use VF170 Mixing Clear to reduce the density of colors or as a clear base for specialty additives such as Metallics.
Extender Base: Use VF175 Extender to reduce color strength without affecting viscosity of the ink.
All additives should be thoroughly mixed into the ink before each use. Prior to production, test any additive adjustment to the ink.
Reducer: Use VF190 Thinner to reduce the viscosity of these inks. Add up to 15% by weight.
 Retarder: Use VF192 Retarder Thinner to improve screen stability during hot climate conditions
or for slower drying. Add up to 15% by weight.
Sharp Printing Compound: Use VF178 Sharp Printing Compound for printing fine detail, halftones and on textured surfaces.