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1 Shot Antigraffiti Clear

SKU 1S401903
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$42.51 - $190.21
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Type: 4019 Clear Matte - Part B
Size: Quart

Spraylat's Anti-Graffiti Clear Coats include both a gloss and a matte finish product. This is a two-component urethane top-coat that offers excellent durability and solvent resistance. This coating is a clear, non-yellowing overcoat intended to facilitate easy removal of interior and exterior graffiti.

Can be applied over a number of different substrates

  • Enamel Receptive Vinyl
  • Painted Surfaces
  • Digital & Thermal Graphics
  • HDU
  • Most Clean, Prepared Metal Surfaces
  • Wall Murals
  • Prepared Fiberglass
  • Multi-Substrate Flat and Dimensional Signs

Can be sprayed, rolled or brushed on. Simply clean graffiti off by using MEK, MIK or Acetone. Available in quart and gallon kits.


ONE SHOT LLCis the leading supplier of high quality lettering enamels, bulletin colors and specialty graphics arts coatings. 1 SHOT’S® reputation for providing the finest paint products for artists has endured and grown over more than 50 years. As part
of Spraylat Corporation, 1 SHOTis committed to bringing new products and innovative technology to our many customers. 1 SHOThas recently introduced a new family of high performance, protective clear coatings. Available in both matte and gloss
formulations, these unique 1 SHOTproducts include graffiti resistant clears, UV protective clear coating for painted signage and UV protective clear coats for digitally printed graphics.


These 1 Shot products are excellent for a wide range of applications including:
• municipalities
• retail stores, malls
• school and universities
• municipal and amusement parks
• newsstands, building offices

Graffiti Resistant Clears
1 SHOT’Snew graffiti resistant clears deliver excellent protection and graffiti removal characteristics for painted substrates. These coatings, when applied of a wide range of paint and graphic applications, allow for removal of most graffiti. Significant cost savings can be obtained by avoiding the need to re-paint surfaces that have been damaged by graffiti. 1 SHOT’Sgraffiti resistant clear products provide a simple solution against graffiti damaging attacks. These coatings simplify maintenance practices and reduce total
maintenance costs. 1 Shot graffiti resistant clears can help return most painted surfaces or graphic finishes to their original or near original appearance.

Product Application
1 SHOT’S GRAFFITI RESISTANT CLEAR is an acrylic urethane supplied as a 2 component (Part A & B) product in either a matte or a gloss formulation. The coating can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Pot life is 2-4 hours depending on the ambient
conditions where it is being applied. The coating will be dry-to-the-touch within 1-2 hours, depending on film thickness and ambient conditions. For best results graffiti removal should be performed with MEK (methyl ethyl ketone).