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Heat Transfer Mask 375 High Tack

by R Tape
SKU HM375-20
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$63.95 - $96.95
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Size: 20 Inch x 20 Yards






Base: PET Film (polyester)
Adhesive: Acrylic


RTape's Hotmaks™ series of selfwound polyester transfer tapes are designed to protect printed heat transfer material from the high temperatures of heat pressing. Availalble in three different tack levels, HotMask™ transfers print and cut graphics from the carrier film and aids alignment of the graphic to the garment.

Following the heat pressing cycle, you can remove HotMask™ within a few seconds, while it is still warm. Prompt removal of the masking ensures clear removal, without any residue on the printed graphic. More importantly, hot removal decreases production cycle time, thereby increasing throughput.

HotMask™ Product Offering

•HM350 Medium-Tack
•HM375 High-Tack

HotMask™ Advantages

•During the heat process the HotMask™ protects the surface of printed heat transfer material from heat related dicoloration or any other damage.

•The polyester (PET) film of the HotMask™ withstands heat cycles as long as 60 seconds at 330° F (166°C).

•The exceptional clarity of the HotMask™ facestock allows for the unobstructed alignment of the printed graphic on the garment.

•After the heat transfer, HotMask™ removes easily without any adhesive residue. For best results remove the HotMask™, while it is warm.

•HotMask&; transfer tapes work well with all brands and types of printable heat-activated media, not just polyurethane films.

Application Information

•Heat-activated polyurethane and vinyl films typically require either low tack HM300 HotMask™ or medium tack HM350 HotMask™, depending on the surface structure of the facestock and the desired release value.

•Generally, a higher tack tape, such as RTape HM375 HotMask™ is required for flocking material, depending on the roughness of the flocking structure.