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Riley Hopkins Side Clamps

Original price $1,429.95 - Original price $2,699.95
Original price
$1,429.95 - $2,699.95
Current price $1,429.95
Configuration: 4 Pack

We help busy screen printers with the capacity to manage the production methods best suited for their needs, reducing stress, boosting productivity, saving printers money.

The Riley Hopkins Side Clamps are the latest evolution of the Riley Hopkins line of industry leading screen printing equipment Manufactured in the USA. These clamps equip any printer that needs to be able to print with greater flexibility or with larger frames on their favorite screen printing press. These clamps are compatible with the Riley Hopkins 300.

Each clamp is adjustable to hold screens up to 23” wide, fully compatible with roller frames. These clamps are equipped with a rear cross bar that acts as a Linear Glide for side-to-side, left-to-right adjustment, bolstering flexibility.

The 12” long side clamp body enables more capacity for adjustment from front to back when registering, or when needing to gang up prints on a screen, which is always awesome.

The Riley Hopkins Side Clamps come standardly available in packs of 4, 6, or 8, pairing up exactly with the number of print stations on your press. These clamps can be included with an initial equipment purchase, or sold separately as an upgrade to any printer owning a Riley Hopkins 300 press.

Questioning if Side Clamps are right for you and your production needs? Hit us up in chat, call us at, or email at, we’re happy to help.

  • Compatible with Riley 300 or Riley 350 presses
  • Holds screens up to 23” wide, including roller frames
  • 12” long, side clamp body
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured from high quality aluminum & steel components.
  • Easy to install
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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