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Ultramix 7500 Series Plastisol RFU Kit

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Size: Quart


Introducing, the International Coatings 7500 Mixing Series! This is a color matching system, that creates over 50 shades of custom Pantone colors. The kit includes 19 non-phthalate colors for automatic printing and manual screen printers. 

Long Description: This system is International Coatings’ newly updated and formulated technology, that allows you, the screen printer, to create virtually any Pantone color available. Now you no longer have to turn down a job because a specific color is unavailable to you, you can create it yourself, in any amount! This approach is more economical and space-saving, since you dont have to keep hundreds of colors in stock at all times. You can also upsell your products by advertising that you create custom colors and inks. By using the International Coatings’ UltraMix Pantone color matching software, you can create over 50 shades of special or standard colors.

The software is available to download online, for use on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet. The app will prompt you to create an account, allowing you to have a personal account thats saves formulas, and even calculates costs.

The mixing system is available in two formats: ready-for-use and pigments. The ready-for-use color system means you can use it right out of the container. It is easy to mix and ready for your screen. Great for smaller shops and beginners. The pigment system needs to be mixed with a base, but it can be any type of base, including special effects and blowout base. The pigments have to be measured very precisely, but allow you to create a much broader range of colors and styles.

Each system comes with 9 standard colors and 9 fluorescents, equalling an 18 color set. The RFU system includes a mixing white base, and the pigment system includes a color concentrate base.

Handy accessories:


- Pantone book


- scale


- spatula


- Krazy clean wipes.

How it works:


  1. Follow the prompts to enter all the necessary info needed for the app to calculate correctly.

  2. Use an empty container or paper cup for your mixed ink.

  3. Use a scale to measure out the appropriate amount of base to your empty container. Spread it evenly around the inside of the container for easier mixing.

  4. Use a scale to measure out the corresponding amount of each color, adding to your base. Make sure to zero out your scale after adding each color, and clean off your spatula between colors.

  5. Aggressively mix all paint colors together with a spatula to create final product.

  6. Compare the final color ink to the Pantone color book, to confirm the correct shade.

Recommended fabrics: Ink is recommended for 100% Cotton or 50/50 Cotton/Polyester Blends

Curing Instructions: . Product is to be cured at 325 degrees

Clean Up: Any eco-friendly plastisol screen wash

Storage Information: 65º to 90ºF (18ºC to 32ºC) Avoid storage in direct sunlight Keep containers well sealed