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Red Weeding Pen

The RED WEEDING PEN is the perfect tool for weeding vinyl decals before application. With its large, round pin point and retractable design, it makes quick work of any vinyl weed job. The large handle also makes it easy to grip and control, making it the perfect tool for any employee to have in their tool pouch. Can also be used to pop bubbles (never use a knife).



Our Weeding pen is a larger sized “ball point pen” style tool
with a larger round pin point. This tool retracts and detracts
just like a “ball point pen” as well. The larger handle makes it
a great tool to weed vinyl before application. No more
fumbling with pins or lost art knives. Keep this on you or in
your tool pouch at all times and weed away when the jobs
come it. Every employee should have this tool! Can also be used
to pop bubbles (never use a knife).

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