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Revolution Materials Heat Transfer Vinyl 12"

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Formally know as Gecko Flex, It's finally here after three years of development Revolution Materials has come out with the thinnest poly urethane cad cut material, with adhesive carrier! Were launching this product with the 23 basic colors. The product line will be growing to 32 colors; including 4 neon colors. These rolls also come in 12" material instead of the regular 19" so get more variety when buying material!

Customers ask what makes this product superior to our competitors?

  1. Weedability: Revolution Materials Premium has no adhesive making the heat transfer film faster to weed.
  2. Thinner: Revolution Materials Premium is so thin that it actually feel like there is nothing on the shirt.
  3. Production Speeds: With a transfer time of only 8 seconds it speeds up production. Time is money




  1. Peel off protective carrier. ( this is for shipping purposes to protect the film from heat and humidity.)
  2. Always test cut.
  3. Reverse cut heat transfer film
  4. Weed image
  5. Transfer image at 305* for 8-10 seconds with medium pressure
  6. cold peel at 45* angle


Please email for a free sample.

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