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Roland HeatSoft Plus HTM3 Heat Transfer Material

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Roland  HTM3 is a premium-quality, inkjet printable polyurethane material that images beautifully and stretches and weeds easily. The versatility of this media makes transferring graphics to cotton, polyester and poly-blend, in addition to spandex/Lycra® and leather, quick and easy. HTM3 is extremely durable and specially designed to produce customized apparel and accessories with a soft hand, vibrant color and exceptional detail.
Roland HTM3 is capable of withstanding up to 50 wash cycles, it also offers unsurpassed durability




  • Textiles
  • Apparel Decoration
  • Leather Goods


  1. Use a flatbed heat press (clamshell or swing-away). Preheat the heat press to 295˚F (146˚ C) for: • 100% Cotton • Poly/Cotton blends • 100% Polyester • Spandex / Lycra® • Leather Use medium pressure setting. Set application time to 15-20 seconds. .

  2. .Set Heat Settings on your printer to 113˚– 122˚F (45˚– 50˚C). For VersaWorks, select the ESM-HTM3 media profile that is available from the Roland Profile Center.
  3. Print and cut your graphic. There is no need to wait for ink to dry before weeding. You can also cut at full bleed. Remove all excess material from the graphic by weeding.Remove the paper liner from PGM-PTM2 Polyester Transfer Mask. Lay the clear PTM2 with adhesive side up on a smooth, flat surface. Make sure that the piece of PTM2 is larger than your transfer. Apply printed/weeded HTM3 face side down onto PTM2 starting from the center and rolling the graphic outwards. Once applied, squeegee from the center out with firm pressure to ensure the transfer adheres properly to the mask.

  4. Immediately after masking, lift the graphic off of the backing liner with a quick fluid motion at a sharp angle to ensure the heat transfer material does not stretch.Position the graphic in the desired location of the garment and press for 15-20 seconds.

  5. Perform a hot peel (peeling immediately after transfer, while graphic is still hot). Remove the PGM-PTM2 Polyester Transfer Mask at a sharp angle to ensure that the graphic is not distorted or stretched in the process. For additional durability, cover the graphic and press for another 2 – 3 seconds. To store graphics, place graphic back on the glossy side of the PTM2 paper liner. The graphic is ready to wear.

**NOTE: Always test fabric and transfer for compatibility. Adjust temperature and pressure as needed.

**Please wait 24 hours before washing graphic for first time. Gentle wash with warm water & mild detergent. Washing the garment inside out prolongs the life of the applied graphic. Do not use Chlorine Bleach.


The Roland HTM3 can be esily tranferred with Rolands PTM-2 or the R-tape HM-350 transfer mask

*All rolls comes in 20",30", and 54" widths. Also 75' Lengths.

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