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Textile Waterbased Ink

Textile Waterbased Ink

Permaset Supercover and Matsui are great environmentally safe options that are also highly durable with a soft hand. Available in a rainbow of colors and compatible with a full range of fabrics. 

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  1. Permaset Supercover

    As low as $30.80
  2. Nazdar 9500 RFU Series

    As low as $8.77
  3. Matsui RC Eco-Series

    As low as $12.33
  4. Matsui 301 Opaque White

    As low as $40.00
  5. Matsui 301 Matte White

    As low as $33.44
  6. Matsui Clear 301 C Base

    As low as $23.00
  7. Matsui Crack Binder

    As low as $10.74
  8. Matsui Pearl Binder

    As low as $24.95
  9. Matsui 301 Neo Pigments

    As low as $5.68
  10. Matsui Softner MG

    As low as $21.96
  11. Matsui Fixer WF-N

    As low as $35.57
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