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Wood Screen Printing Squeegee (Per Inch) - 80 Durometer

The McLogan Supply squeegee is one of the most important tools you will need for screen printing. Squeegees are used to press and glide across your screen to pull ink through your screens to print your designs onto the substrate. The ergonomic wooden handles are specially designed for comfort and efficiency. Our 80 durometer squeegee is the hardest force and works best with a screen with a high mesh count. 

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There are many features to the great McLogan Supply squeegees. The ergonomic handles reduce pain and injuries associated with repeated movements. Here at McLogan, we Cut to Size to create you a custom squeegee ranging from 2” to 72”. To determine the best length of cut would depend on the size of the image, and what you are comfortable working with. Standard sizes are 6” for pockets and sleeves, and 12”-14” for t-shirt printing. These squeegees are made with top-quality material and built to last!


To keep a sharp edge along your blade, will require proper maintenance. This will lead to quality prints every time. Be sure to clean and dry your 80 durometer squeegee after each use. You can use an Ultimate Squeegee Cleaner to clean off any residual inks. Also store them where the blades will be protected in a dry, room temperature place on a Squeegee Rack.

What is the correct squeegee to use?

Determining the correct durometer needed for your job will depend on the mesh count of your screen. McLogan Supply offers 3 color-coded options.

60 Durometer Squeegee - The orange/red blade is a 60 Durometer squeegee blade. It is the softest and most bendable blade out of the 3 blades. The 60 duro squeegee is perfect for laying a thick deposit of ink. This would be useful if you were printing white on a black t-shirt and you couldn’t get it too covered with the harder squeegee.

70 Durometer Squeegee - The yellow color is a 70 durometer squeegee blade, which is a basic/neutral stiffness. The 70 duro squeegee is usually the standard squeegee for most average mesh counts and inks.

80 Durometer Squeegee - The green/blue blades are 80 durometer squeegee blades. This is the stiffest blade which is best for printing onto harder substrates. An 80 duro squeegee is useful for printing CMYK prints that have higher mesh counts.

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