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215 Day Glo Oil Based Enamel

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215 paint
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DayGlo 215 Series Screamin' paint is premium fluorescent solvent-based brushing paint. This paint can be used anywhere that requires high visibility paint. The paint is vibrant in natural light and response to black light. Use this paint to create unique 3D effects perfect for Haunted Houses, Theatrical, Safety, Outdoor advertising and Fun Houses. DayGlo Paint is a premium fluorescent brushing paint.

This enamel paint is not water based, therefore can be used in a variety of applications that are exposed to the elements. Applications can be anywhere that requires high visibility brushing paints such as navigational aids, safety markings, equipment, machinery, fire protection equipment, first aid kits, traffic controls, boats, buoys, docks, and life saving equipment. With a brilliant color palette, DayGlo’s classic fluorescent colors are the symbols of youth, action, and optimism.

DayGlo fluorescent colors are up to three times brighter than conventional colors and work across all mediums – from plastics and graphic arts to coatings and textiles – making them ideal tools for product differentiation and building your brand identity and recognition.



215-11 Aurora Pink

215-12 Neon Red  

215-13 Rocket Red

215-14 Fire Orange

215-15 Blaze Orange

215-16 Arc Yellow

215-17 Saturn Yellow

215-18 Signal Green

215-19 Horizon Blue

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