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Automatic Screen Printing Presses

Automatic Screen Printing Presses

What is an Automatic Screen Printing Press?

The Automatic Screen Printing Press is a machine that will automatically put the ink onto your garment and screen print it for you. If you are newer to this type of equipment or newer to the business then it's time to get familiar with all the wonderful, time-saving benefits that a Workhorse Automatic Screen Printing Press has to offer. Just imagine with the push of a button and you can have a 6 color screen print done within 8 seconds; that's 500 printed shirts within an hour! Aside from the clean, durable, accurate prints; think of all the money you could make if you properly managed your printing time per week or per job. (Manual screen printing presses max out at about 45 shirts per hour and requires the printer to do all the work.) Let us introduce you to the machines that we are thrilled to be selling: The automatic press that we are the most excited about is The Freedom Express. The name says it all! -15 x 15" Print Area -6 color/8 stations -Air Printheads and Air Indexing with air-driven printheads it's easy to independently alter print/flood speeds for your needs. -Overall Diameter of 10' is the perfect size for all different businesses. Whether you are in a studio, garage, or your own store this machine takes up just enough space to allow it to do the job. -Touchscreen Interface Technology with a test mode for sample prints, a missed shirt feature, and an orbital mode. -Flashback Compatibility to print, flash and cool all at one station! -Central Off-Contact Feature allows printers to easily change between different substrates quickly. -Squeegee/Floodbar Settings to allow you to leave the screen flooded or clear. All angle, pressure, and speed adjustments are independently set for the look of your job. -All Access Control Panel can be rotated to any station for easy access to the whole computer of the machine. The Cutlass SE Series -6 or 8 Color Options depending on which you prefer -20 x 20" Print Area -Diameter for a 6 color is 12'6", whereas the 8 color is 14' -Air Printheads and Electric Indexing for zero delay times and precision indexing available at multiple stations -Plus all the added features of The Freedom Press The Sabre Series -6, 8, 10, or 12 Color Options -20 x 20" Print Area, the 12 color has a print area of 20 x 28" -6 color 12'6", 8 color 14', 10 color 15'6", 12 color 18' -Plus all the added features of The Cutlass SE and The Freedom Press Come visit us in Anaheim to see these machines in action and to test out their endless capabilities. As always we look forward to seeing you and helping you achieve your screen printing goals!
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