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International Coatings 7100 Performance Pro

Get a Jump on the Athletic Season with 7100 Performance Pro

Are the new performance and stretch fabrics giving you print nightmares? Simplify your printing process with International Coatings' 7100 Performance Pro Series inks. Performance Pro™ was designed to print on 100% polyester or poly-stretch combination fabrics and can be used on automatic and manual printers. International Coatings’ new 7100 Performance Pro™ Series allows printers to print on a variety of todays' popular performance fabrics, including 100% Polyester, Poly-blends, moisture management, and stretch fabrics. 7100 Performance Pro inks have a built-in bleed blocker as well as extra stretch properties, making them the perfect inks for those hard-to-print athletic, compression or wicking garments. 7100 Performance Pro comes in 18 colors as well as a mixing base. Performance Pro™ inks offer a smooth consistency for ease of printing on light or dark fabrics. For ultimate bleed blocking on highly volatile fabrics, use Performance Pro inks in conjunction with 7043 Guardian Gray™.
  • RECOMMENDED FABRICS Cotton/Polyester blends, 100% Polyester, Polyester/Stretchable Fabric Blends, other synthetic performance fabric blends. Always test print fabric for possible dye migration before beginning a production run.
  • INK APPLICATION 7100 Series should be used straight from the container without any modifications. Stir well before use. If thinning is required use 1% - 5% by weight 1099 LB Curable Reducer. Using reducers or additives may lower the bleed resistance, opacity and/or stretch.
  • SCREEN MESH AND EMULSION Use 60-305 t/in or 24-120 t/cm monofilament. Any direct or indirect emulsion or capillary film in the 35 to 70 micron range, for best results. Lower mesh counts recommended.
  • SQUEEGEE 65-70 Durometer: Sharp Edge
  • CURE TEMPERATURES 275°F to 300°F (140°C to 149°C) entire ink film. Test dryer temperatures and wash test printed product before and during a production run.
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