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Choosing the Right Screen Printing Mesh for Plastisol Ink

Plastisol inks and screen printing mesh from McLoganThe right mesh count will make a huge difference in all of your silk-screen jobs. Here's a list of the different mesh counts and the plastisol ink(s) that would work per screen printing job:

Mesh Count: 25, 40 - Usage: Glitter Inks. Screen printers usually use 159 Ultraclear Glitter Base mixed with our Glitter Polyester Jewels to create a sparkly finish. Or you can purchase a premixed glitter ink from International Coatings or Triangle Ink.

Mesh Count: 60, 86 – Usage: Specialty inks, such as 220 LF Additive (puff), Gold/Silver Shimmer Inks 92 LF

Mesh Count: 110, 155 – Usage: This mesh will allow you to place more ink onto your textile. Some examples would be athletic numbers, printing white on black fabric, low-detail art or heavy white ink images. International Coatings 7100 Series Inks

Mesh Count: 160, 180, 200 – Usage: These mesh counts are great for screen printers printing on black garments. You want to first print an under-base white like the 7031 LF Ultra White to create a design that stands out on a black garment. This mesh count also works for designs that are only minimally detailed.

Mesh Count: 230, 280, 305 – Usage: Any type of plastisol ink can be used on these mesh counts. Typically these mesh counts are used for low ink deposit for small logos, intricate designs, etc.

Screen Printing MeshThe most common mesh count for the average screen printer is a 110 for darker fabrics and a 160 for all other printing. Before buying your screens check the tech sheets to determine the right mesh count for the series of plastisol ink you are using.

As always contact a Mclogan representative at one of our four locations to help answer your questions.

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