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International Coatings NEW 7014 Legacy White

277Mclogan Supply is happy to announce the new International Coatings 7014 Legacy White. This plastisol is opaque, easy to print with, covers easily, is smooth to the touch and finishes matte. We are loving the fact that it's low bleed, and fast-flashing. A lot of white plastisols that you may print with are not always easy to use. Sometimes they are too thick, hard to print with, they are stiff, but NOT the 7014 Legacy White. All screen printers need a white plastisol that is creamy, and easy to use; so here's your new go to product! It's non-phthalate, fast flashing, bright, and can be used as an underbase or to highlight. 7014 is easy to print through mesh counts up to 230. It can be printed on materials that are 100% cotton, and 50/50 blends.


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