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Removing Old Vinyl with Vinyl Off

IMG_2211Vinyl wrapping cars, boats, and trailers is now so common that most of us see different advertisements, images or designs daily. But what happens when you want to remove your existing vinyl? That's where Vinyl Off by CrystalTek makes all the difference!!! First, lets start with the vinyl that you should be using on your wrap jobs. We recommend our vinyl customers to wrap with either Avery Vinyl or the Oracal 970 Series. Both brands offer vinyls in many different colors, finishes, prints; all the while lasting anywhere from 5-10 years depending on the conditions. When starting a new wrap job you may need to remove existing old vinyl. Removing old vinyl can take hours and be very labor intensive. The adhesive on most vinyls is made to last years, so removing larger pieces of vinyl, especially old vinyl can be tedious when the vinyl is cracked and breaks apart every few inches. Imagine trying to remove a small sticker from your car that continually keeps ripping every time you try to pull it off, but on a much larger scale when dealing with full wraps...It's exhausting! We experienced this first hand when trying to remove 5 year old vinyl from a houseboat. The first day was spent with a heat gun, and plastic scrapers, where the vinyl broke off in about 3-6 inch pieces. After hours of labor, and blistered hands we eventually called it a day and then had a friend bring up Vinyl Off. Once we were using Vinyl Off the job was so much easier. With Vinyl Off we were able to remove the vinyl we applied 3 years ago, along with the black and purple reflective vinyl that we applied 15 years ago. In the picture below you can see that we used an Oracal 970 Series Silver Metallic vinyl hoping to cover up the old existing black and purple stripes. We had tried previously to remove the stripes, but the chemical solutions to remove vinyl were not made the way they are made today. Hoping to just cover the old stripes we applied the Silver Metallic in vertical panels. Within 3 years the reflective beads and the heat from the sun made the old stripes burn through our newer vinyl. This is where Vinyl Off made all the difference. Not only did the newer vinyl peel right off, but we were able to scrape off the 15 year old vinyl! IMG_2200 Vinyl Off works by penetrating through the vinyl and then by attacking the adhesive. Allowing you to remove the vinyl in large strips, speeding up the process by hours. It's always best to remove old vinyl with some sort of heat. Either a hot heat gun, or in much warmer climates the strength of the sun. After your old vinyl is removed there will be some slight adhesive left and you will then want to use Rapid Remover to remove all the adhesive. Rapid Prep will be your next step to prep your vehicle for your next wrap job. If you have any questions or if you would like Mclogan to put together a "wrap chemical kit" for you call us. IMG_2209
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