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Screen Printing Ink – Great Projects Deserve Great Quality

Inks from McLogan

If you want your screen printing project to come out with vivid, crisp colors and be durable, you need to start with high quality screen printing inks and supplies. At McLogan, we have a great selection of screen printing inks from expert suppliers that will fit the needs of any project big or small. If you know what you need you'll find it quickly and easily, but if you don't know what you need we can help you there too.

What kind of screen printing ink is right for your project?

Screen printing is an art and like any art, you have a lot of choice when it comes to your materials. The first thing to consider when picking your ink is what material you're going to be printing on. The inks used for cloth and textiles are very different from the inks used for printing posters or other materials. Luckily, we have you covered either way.

Water, Plastisols or Solvent Base Screen Printing Ink?

Once you've figured out the proper ink for your printing substrate, you still have an important choice. Do you want a water-based like Permaset or Matsui, plastisols like Triangle Ink or International Coatings or solvent based inks like Nazdar? All have their pros and cons. Water-based inks are more environmentally friendly, but a little harder to use. Water base inks will work on lights and darks just make sure you select the correct manufacturer of ink for the job. Plastisol is a good choice for light colors as well as dark colored fabrics with base white applied. The inks longevity on the garment depends on how it is laundered (i.e. hand wash or machine wash).

Tips for choosing the right ink

  • How often the item will be washed
  • Will it be exposed to skin or environmental elements
  • What effects you want to produce like texture, glitter, foil, etc.
  • Is there a cost constraint

That way you can choose the ink based on what you know is most valuable consideration to your customer. Some customers will opt for eco-friendly, some for longer lasting or art qualities, while some are strictly managing the cost vs. return.

More Choices

After you've picked which base your inks will use, there are still plenty of different choices in our inventory. This is especially true for textile inks. If you need great colors even on dark fabrics, look at our high pigment inks. For something that really pops we have glitters, foils and metallics as well. Try out our starter kits to get the most bang for your buck too. All of our product pages have information including price, instructions for use and more.

There's only one thing you can do if you're still not sure what you need, but it's pretty easy. Do some browsing on our online store and if you’re still not sure…give us a call. One of our customer service guys or gals are happy to answer your questions.

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