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Nazdar Graphic Inks

Screen Printing Ink | Nazdar Graphic InksThe Nazdar Graphic Ink story began in 1922 in the back of a small store in Chicago. Nazdar's transformation from these humble beginnings to one of the world's leading manufacturers of screen printing inks is the story of the emergence of the screen printing industry itself.

Throughout the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's, what was then Naz-Dar focused on developing new screen printing inks to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of screen printers. The growth of the plastics industry was a major factor in the expanded use of screen printing in the 1950's and 60's. During this period the Company's first extensive R&D programs were established to keep pace with the rapidly increasing demand for higher performance screen printing products. Mclogan Supply became a dealer in the early 1930's.


Nazdar 9700 Series was a screen printing ink designed to eliminate the need for many different inks on plastics, paper, cardboard, Tyvek, pressure sensitive film, and pre-coated metal. Nazdar 9700 adhesion characteristics of the product arc so unusual, it should be tried on any surface. Nazdar 9700 produces a high gloss tough flexible film suitable for vacuum forming. The pigments used in the product have been carefully selected to ensure maximum exterior durability.

Nazdar 2700 Series Waterbase Poster Ink: The Nazdar 2700 Series is specifically formulated for screen printing on paper, cardboard, pressure sensitive vinyl, top-coated polyester, Tyvek, static-cling vinyl, polycarbonate, some coated metals, and styrene. Aquasafe 2700 produces a glossy ink film that offers good weather resistance and is flexible enough for vacuum forming.

Nazdar GV Series Vinyl Ink: Specially formulated for printing on vinyl surfaces where a high gloss finish is required. These inks form a positive bond with most vinyl surfaces and will dry to an extremely flexible film which may be vacuum formed. The pigments used in these inks have been carefully selected for best resistance under outdoor exposure and comparative color values are available.

Nazdar VF Series Vinyl Flat inks are formulated to fuse with vinyl surfaces and can be used on both rigid and flexible vinyl plastic, as well as on some vinyl coatings. They have excellent opacity and fast drying qualities with good printability. Nazdar VF Series will dry to a film which will be as flexible as the vinyl surface itself. All colors except VF111 Black may be heat sealed. VF121 Non-Arcing Black is used for heat sealing

Nazdar 7900 Corogloss Series are formulated for printing on fluted corrugated plastic sheets manufactured from special copolymer resins.

Nazdar 59000 Series Enamel Plus Gloss Screen Ink is a solvent-based enamel ink formulated to screen print on a wide range of hard-to-adhere-to surfaces such as glass, metal, wood and some plastics for outdoor signs and displays. Glass, metal, wood and some hard plastics

Nazdar 6100 Series fast dry, high gloss enamel is a solvent based ink that exhibits the best features of Nazdar's former FED and 49000 Series enamel inks, with an expanded color range to meet today's environmental requirements. 6100 is a synthetic enamel, developed for use on flame treated polyethylene containers, fiber drums and other hard to adhere to surfaces. 6100 series features a built in catalyst that accelerates curing and offers excellent resistance to soaps and detergents.

Nazdar PA Series Poly All Silk Screen Ink has been designed specifically for screen printing on untreated polypropylene. Its unique formulation makes pretreatment such as flaming or surface coating unnecessary. Poly All will perform satisfactorily on most polypropylene surface. However, since there is considerable variation in the formulation of substrate materials, the user must always pretest the specific substrate for adhesion and product resistance prior to a production run. Nazdar PA Series inks exhibit a semi-gloss finish. When thoroughly dried, PA Series ink has very good flexibility and durability. Poly-All has proven successful in some pad printing applications.

Screen printing ink lines by Nazdar Graphic Ink include many that are not on because they are hazardous to ship. They can be ordered by phone or walk-in at one of our four locations.

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