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Screen Printing 101 Class | March 15-16, 2024
Screen Printing 101 Class

Stahls Hotronix Hover Press

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Size: 16 Inch x 20 Inch
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The only heat press available for curing direct-to-garment inks!

The Hotronix® Hover Heat Press is designed to maximize the product of digital direct-to-garment printing. The upper platen actually hovers over the garment to ensure a stronger bond and brighter colors between the ink and the garment. Since there is no need for direct contact on the garment or graphic with this breakthrough technology, you never have to worry about direct-to-garment ink residue on your platen or Teflon® cover sheet again! In addition, it can also be used for any type of traditional heat-applied graphics.  


• Two modes - one for contact and
   the second for pressure
• Teflon® Coated Heater - Stress
   Relieved to Prevent Warping
• Three settings - hover, pressure or a combination of both
• Cast in Tubular Element Every 2" to Ensure no Cold Spots
• Digital time, temperature and press settings
• 3/16" Laser Quality Steel Framework
• Twin Timer™ for programming two independent time settings
• Heavy Duty Pin & Bushing Pivot Points
• Auto Open
• Under Center Pressure Platen
• Generates maximum pressure
• 3/4" Upper Floatation Heat Platen
• Under center pressure platen
• Wide Opening for Easy Layout
• CE/NRTLCO Approved
• Available in 110v or 220v
• Quick Change Lower Platen
• Space Saving Clam Shell Design
• 3/8" Silicone Pad
• No air compressor needed