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Screen Printing 101 Class | March 15-16, 2024
Screen Printing 101 Class

Small Wood Screen Printing Squeegee - 60 Durometer

Original price $5.60 - Original price $108.00
Original price
$5.60 - $108.00
Current price $5.60
Width: 4 IN


McLogan Supply squeegees push ink through your stenciled (burned) out areas onto your substrate. The different durometer numbers we offer (60, 70, 80) refer to the stiffness of the rubber blade.


The durometer you require would depend on the mesh count of your screen, and the type of ink. Our rule of thumb is soft squeegees leave a thicker ink deposit, while hard squeegees deposit a thinner amount. If you're not sure which squeegee you need, the 70 durometer squeegee is a good start. This version is made with a custom wooden handle, that is ergonomic for comfort and ease. They are made in-house, and therefore can be cut by the inch to customize to your needs. These wooden squeegees are built to last, working through thousands of jobs. Squeegees are necessary for your silkscreen projects. The maintenance of your squeegees is very important to the quality of your prints and the longevity of the blade. Rotating your squeegees frequently will increase their lifespan. The rotation schedule depends on the ink/solvent system that is being used in the application process. This will also ensure a more uniform application. Be sure to clean and dry your blade after each use. For best results, we recommend our Ultimate Squeegee Cleaner to clean off any inks. Also store them in a dry environment at room temperature, where the blades will be protected on a Squeegee Rack.