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Day Glo Waterbased Paint

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waw paint
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DayGlo Screamin' paint is premium fluorescent water-based brushing paint. This paint can be used anywhere that requires high visibility paint. The paint is vibrant in natural light and response to black light. Use this paint to create unique 3D effects perfect for Haunted Houses, Theatrical, Safety, Outdoor advertising and Fun Houses.

DAY-GLO WAW Tempera Paint is a fluorescent water-based paint. Available Colors: WAW-11 Aurora Pink* WAW-17 Saturn Yellow* WAW-12 Neon Red* WAW-18 Signal Green* WAW-13 Rocket Red* WAW-19 Horizon Blue* WAW-14 Fire Orange* WAW-21 Corona Magenta* WAW-15 Blaze Orange* WAW-46 Lightning Yellow* WAW-16 Arc Yellow*

Applications: The WAW Tempera Paint is suitable for application on posters, show-cards, layouts, and displays. It is especially useful for short-term exterior displays such as signs on glass windows and automobiles. It has excellent adhesion to display materials such as paper, cardboard, glass, and many plastic foams.

Lightfastness: The useful outdoor life of the WAW Tempera Paint is determined by the thick-ness and uniformity of the applied paint film. The WAW paint should be tested outdoors on a suitable substrate to determine if it meets customer requirements.

Instructions For Use: A good white undercoat is recommended for maximum color development and adhesion properties. The WAW Tempera Paint can be applied under the following conditions:

Brushing: Formulated to be "dripless", it permits carrying a full brushload to the work without dripping. Note, the heavier the deposit, the more opaque the color is when dry. (Full "opacity" and "water resistance" do not completely develop until the product is thoroughly dry.) If low viscosity or greater flow is desired for fine detail, simply thin with water.

Rollcoating: Use as is. Short nap rollers such as those recommended for latex enamels tend to yield smoothest results.

Spraying: Thin to spraying viscosity with water and strain before spraying.

Clean-up: Warm water and soap or detergent generally does the job. If the color has dried thoroughly on the equipment or if it is desirable to remove a display from, say a show window, simply add an alkaline cleanser such as household ammonia or tri sodium phosphate to the hot cleaning water.

Stability: The WAW Tempera Paints offer good storage stability, but we recommend not to exceed a storage period of one year. These products should be protected from freezing.

Handling: The WAW Tempera Paints are water-based products and should be used as-is with no further dilution with water. They should be mixed before use to ensure homogeneity. Avoid contact of the product with skin and eyes. Do not swallow. See the available Material Safety Data Sheet for more information.

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