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Heat Resistant Tape

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Size: 1/2 Inch x 72 Yards


• Its thickness is 3 mm
• The length per roll is 72 yards
• This tape is designed to bear extreme temperature, i.e. It can withstand temperatures up to 425˚F.

In sublimation transfer, when you want your substrate and transfer no to shift, heat transfer tape comes to rescue you in the whole process. If you want a tape that can survive the extreme temperature, sublimation heat tape is one of those products that can withstand that temperature up to 425°F. Not only that, it is very easy to peel off this tape when you are done with no adhesive.

  This sublimation tape is also known as heat resistant tape because of its high-temperature silicone adhesive property and polyester film composition. The basic purpose of using this heat resistant tape is to hold the transfer sheets during the sublimation process. But it is also used with different types of products such as tiles, ceramic mugs, plastic name badges, metal award plaques, mousepads, T-shirts, banners, and some other personalized gifts. Heat transfer tape provides impressive solvent and heat resistance quality. If you use this tape for baking purposes, you will have a minimum shrinkage, and it will be removed cleanly.

The major features that are provided by the sublimation heat transfer tape are given below:

  • After peeling it off, there will be no adhesive left on the substrate.
  • Meanwhile, while heat pressing and positioning; it firmly holds the transfer.
  • When the process is complete, you can easily peel it off.
  • This tape can easily handle extreme heat, just like its name shows