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3-in-1 Mesh and Halftone Determiner Chart

by AWT
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This is an easy-to-read chart available in both U.S. and metric mesh numbers of monofilament and multifilament fabric, either from a roll or stretched on the silkscreen frame. Two different scales are used for monofilament meshes, one for USA mesh counts from 100 to 240, and metric counts from 40 to 95; the other for those USA counts from 200 to 480, and metric counts from 78 to 190. Multifilament chart determines mesh counts from 6XX to 25XX, USA halftone counts from 55 to 200, and metric halftone numbers from 21 to 78. Photographically produced on heavy 8 x 10" polyester photo film ( 7 mil. ) for durability and clarity.

Notes for use:

The two top rulers are for screen mesh, the bottom one is primarily for halftone dots (or Multifilament mesh).

Counts below 200 use the top left, above 200 on the right.

The fine line determiner pattern of each is placed face down against the mesh and lined up parallel/perpendicular with your threads (not at an angle).

A "fat" bar will form where the count is measured; then read the number immediately to the right-hand side at the middle of the bar for the correct count.

This is all easier to see if the screen/film is viewed with backlighting.