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6100 Cool Sport Inks

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Size: Quart
Color: 6153 Yellow 102 C



Our exclusive COOL SPORT™ COLORS (6100 SERIES) inks are the outcomes of our innovative CoolTech™ technology. The series offers 13 vibrant, ready-to-use colors that are tailored for team-related applications. These inks, carrying the same chemistry as our popular Cool White™ (7022), gain enhanced strength, elongation, and elasticity from CoolTech™. It also enables the application of Cool Sport™ inks on multiple substrates.

The Cool Sport™ Colors are the latest addition to our expanding FlexCure™ screen printing inks line. FlexCure™ is known for its 'flexible' curing range, allowing it to cure at low temperatures of 275°F/135°C up to the standard 325°F/163°C.


  • Feature a high pigment load for maximum coverage on dark garments, eliminating the need for under-basing.
  • Suitable for printing on diverse substrates, including 100% cotton, 50/50 blends, non-woven polypropylene, and some polyesters.
  • Can print through higher mesh counts on light-colored garments or can be reduced for soft-hand, opaque prints.
  • Comprise of brilliant, ready-for-use team and sport colors.
  • Deliver smooth, creamy, and consistent prints on both automatic and manual printers.

SPOT FLASHING: Cool Sport™ Colors will spot dry, with very low after-flash tack. Too much heat may make the ink tacky. Ensure the ink is just dry to touch with no lift-off, but not fully fused. The final fusing or curing should happen in the dryer.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Cool Sport™ Color inks are not low-build inks; however, this does not guarantee absence of build-up. The 6100 Series inks may require flashing after 3 or 4 colors if printing a wet-on-wet design. Excessive reducer or other additives may lead to issues with curing/fusing or increased dye migration. Always stir the ink prior to printing on the press and after adding reducers or additives. Test dryer temperatures and perform a wash test on printed products before and during a production run.