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Albachem 1038 Pallet Clean

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AlbaChem Pallet Clean is a safe and effective way to clean and renew screen printing pallets. Pallet Clean dissolves all types of adhesives, so they can be easily scraped off the printing pallet. Simply spray pallet clean onto the pallet. Allow a few minutes for the solution to work. Scrape and wipe the pallet clean



• Removes both aerosol and water based pallet adhesives

• Removes dirt, ink and residue

• Does not contain petroleum solvents

• Very low odor

• Cleans and renews printing pallets


Directions for use:

• Apply a light mist of Pallet Clean to all pallets

• Allow a few minutes for Pallet Clean to soak into the old adhesives.

• Using a scraper, remove all adhesive from pallet surface

• Apply another light mist of Pallet Clean and wipe off pallet

• Re-apply if necessary


Physical Properties: Appearance: Clear/Colorless Liquid Solubility in Water: Complete Odor: Very mild Chemical Family: Glycol Ether Acetate Blend Environment: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s): < 3% Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s): None Ozone Depleting Substances: None California Prop 65 Substances: None