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Albachem 1641 Clear Screen Opener

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Original price $100.20
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Size: 14 Ounce
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In stock

1641 Screen Opener by AlbaChem - the ultimate solution for all your screen printing needs! Say goodbye to clogged screens and hello to effortless printing perfection. Our aerosol spray is specially formulated to clear and open screens, instantly removing dried inks and other stubborn substances without compromising the integrity of your emulsions.

Unlike other screen openers, our unique formula is completely water-free, ensuring that your emulsions remain intact throughout the process. Whether you're working with photographic stencils or water-soluble hand-cut film, our 1641 Screen Opener is the perfect companion for achieving crisp and flawless prints.

What sets us apart? Our screen opener works wonders on all types of ink, whether it's fresh or old. Got a spot clean up? No problem! Our 1641 Screen Opener effortlessly tackles even the toughest ink stains, leaving no film behind.

Don't let clogged screens slow you down. With the 1641 Screen Opener by AlbaChem, you can keep your printing press running smoothly and efficiently.