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AlbaChem 9211 Adhesive Activator

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$9.95 - $107.46
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Size: 1 Can

This product works with most all cyanoacrylate adhesive to form a 
quick and permanent bond. The spray eliminate surges that cause 
overlaps and missed spots associated with pump spray products. 
Achieve consistent curing all of the time.

• Cures screen mesh to wooden and aluminum frames.
• No over-laps or missed spots.
• Quick & permanent bond.
• Provides an even application.

Directions for use: 
Screen Printing: AlbaChem 9211 Adhesive Activator is for use with most cyanoacrylate glues. The adhesive activator 
will instantly lock the cyanoacrylate glue to firmly hold screen mesh in place on both wood and aluminum frames. 
Other Industrial Applications: After applying cyanoacrylate glues, spray AlbaChem 9211 onto glued surface to lock the 
materials being bonded.