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Aluminum Screen 12x17

SKU 12X17A25
Original price $26.15 - Original price $39.25
Original price
$26.15 - $39.25
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Mesh: 25 Mesh White

When it comes to choosing mesh for a project, it is important to consider what you are printing and the type of ink you are using.

Here is a simple guide that will help in choosing the right mesh counts for the right job:

Mesh Count: 25, 40 - Usage: Glitter Inks

Mesh Count: 60, 86 – Usage: Specialty inks, such as puff or high-density, fine shimmers, glitters or metallics

Mesh Count: 110, 155 – Usage: Use where a large deposit of ink is needed, such as athletic numbers, printing white on black fabric, low-detail art or heavy white ink

Mesh Count: 160, 180, 200 – Usage: Good for printing underbase white to create a softer overall feel, good medium-sized mesh count for medium-detailed artwork. The 200-count mesh can be a happy medium screen selection for when a 230 mesh is too fine and a 155 mesh is too coarse.

Mesh Count: 230, 280, 305 – Usage: Low ink deposit, works well for halftone printing, simulated process or CMYK process printing

Mesh Count: 355 – Usage: Very low ink deposit, generally used by very experienced printers only. Often used for printing 65 line or higher halftones for very detailed images

When ordering frames please see tech sheet for the ink your are printing or just call and we will be more than happy to help.