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Blowout Base - 3810

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Size: Quart

3810 BlowOut Base™ offers a captivating dimension to textile printing, expanding and puffing up when heated in the dryer to create captivatingly textured, spongy surfaces.

This versatile ink can be utilized independently or combined with other inks, such as International Coatings’ 7500 UltraMix® Color Concentrates, allowing for an array of new textures and visual effects.

Formulated as a non-phthalate ink, 3810 BlowOut Base™ boasts a creamy texture, short-bodied consistency, and low tack, ensuring hassle-free printing.

SPOT FLASHING: Expect 3810 BlowOut Base™ to spot dry with minimal after-flash tack. Dwell time varies based on the spot dryer utilized. Adjust heat settings cautiously to prevent ink tackiness. Spot drying involves partial fusion of the ink surface, achieving a touch-dry state without complete fusion to avoid inter-coat adhesion issues. Final curing should be completed in the dryer.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Due to its unique characteristics, 3810 BlowOut Base™ can be modified to produce diverse looks and textures. Modified versions should undergo rigorous testing before production use, ensuring wash fastness.

This base empowers printers to create assorted textures and looks through various print techniques and ink modifications. Whether blending with color concentrates, overprinting, underbasing, or incorporating metallic inks, the potential of 3810 BlowOut Base™ is limited only by creativity. Altering dryer settings can further enhance the variety of effects.

As a semi-translucent base, 3810 BlowOut Base™ should be mixed with other inks or color concentrates or overprinted to enhance opacity on dark fabrics. Proper adjustment of squeegee, flood bar, and off-contact settings improves print performance.

Storage temperature control is crucial to prevent 3810 BlowOut Base™ from thickening excessively. Temperatures exceeding 90°F (32°C) may affect usability.

Always stir 3810 BlowOut Base™ before use.

Conduct thorough dryer temperature tests and wash tests throughout production to ensure quality output.