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Caseys Ink Jet Film

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$105.00 - $246.00
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Size: 8.5 Inches x 11 Inches 100 Sheets

CASEYS' CLEAR INK-JET FILM™ is a high-quality polyester film designed for InkJet printers using Photographic Dye-Based ink. Screenprinters use Clear InkJet Film as a positive for burning screens. This is an inexpensive alternative to using a camera.

Please Note: InkJet Film only works with InkJet (liquid ink type) printers using Photographic Dye-Based ink. It is not compatible with UltraChrome ink.

A NOTE ABOUT CLEAR INKJET FILM: Some InkJet printers use a photo detector to sense the presence of film and can't detect the clear film. A work around is to tape the film to a piece of paper or place a black mark at the top of the film using a felt tip pen.

Note: Caseys' Ultra Black will not work with InkJet ink.