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Dayglo Screamin' SRX Fluorescent Acrylic Paint

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$80.00 - $228.00
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Color: 08A Filteray W
Size: Quart

Screamin' SRX Fluorescent Paint is a premium, low odor, water-based fluorescent latex paint.  Maximum lightfastness and film integrity are dependent upon the use of DayGlo FILTERAY® Type "W" (clear overcoat). DayGlo® Screamin' SRX paints appear to glow in the dark when exposed to black light.

Screamin' SRX Paints can be used anywhere that requires high visibility, including theatrical and special effects, graphic arts, safety and hobby-sports.

General areas of use for these black light paints include:

  • Haunted Houses and stage painting for 3-D effects under UV-lighting 
  • Outdoor advertising (murals, sign painting, and store front window splashes)
  • Aviation and marine safety equipment and machinery
  • Detailing on models and other forms of artwork