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Screen Printing 101 Class | March 15-16, 2024
Screen Printing 101 Class

Gold Leaf White Gold 12K

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Size: 25 leaves

12.00 Karat White Gold is a special type of white gold that is 12 karats purity. 12K white gold is made with 12 parts of fine gold and 12 parts of another white metal, usually silver or palladium. The refined white color of 12K white gold makes it very popular in jewelry making, especially when it is used as a setting for diamonds or other precious stones. 12K white gold is also a good choice for those who are allergic to nickel, as it contains no nickel. 12K white gold is available in a variety of different finishes, including high polished, satin, and brushed. 12K White Gold Leaf Booklets are an easy and efficient way to add 12K white gold leaf to any project. Each booklet contains 25 pre-cut leaves that are ready to use. simply remove the protective tissue paper backing and apply the leaf to your project using either low-tack adhesive or a dry brush technique. 12K White Gold Leaf Booklets are perfect for gilding picture frames, creating embellishments on scrapbook pages, or adding a touch of luxury to any paper craft project. Each pack contains 500 leaves (covers approx. 39.60 sq. ft.) and 20 booklets (25 leaves per booklet).