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Enviroline DST-1 Dip'N Strip® Tank with Solution

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Introducing the Enviroline DST-1 Dip'N Strip® Tank with Solution – the ultimate solution for screen reclaiming! Crafted from 100% recycled material, this heavy-duty dip tank is specially designed to tackle the toughest ink and emulsion remnants. Made with polyethylene, it's not just durable but also environmentally friendly.

Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming screen reclaiming processes. With the Enviroline DST-1 Dip'N Strip® Tank, you can effortlessly remove ink and emulsion, all in one go. Our specially formulated solution works like magic, saving you valuable time and effort.

Invest in a sustainable solution that not only delivers outstanding performance but also aligns with your eco-conscious values. Join countless satisfied customers who trust the Enviroline DST-1 Dip'N Strip® Tank for their screen reclaiming needs. Upgrade your workflow today and experience the convenience of this top-of-the-line soaking system

DST-1 Package

Standard Features:

• 1 DST-1 Tank
• Includes 3x1 gl.cs. of Dip Tank Solution
(Makes 30 Gallons of Solution)
• Includes Lid / Cover
• Includes Drip Tray
• Screen Hold Down Bar
• Threaded Drain Fitting
With ON/OFF Spigot
• Dimensions: O.D.
36” x 16”x 26 1/4”
• Holds 6 Screens (up to 23” x 31”)

Product Overview

• One Piece Molded Construction
• Ideal For Use With Emulsion Removers
• Ideal For Use With 2 n 1 Ink & Emulsion Removers
• Chemical Resistant
• Guaranteed Leak Proof
• Dramatically Reduces Chemical Usage
• Economical
• Increases Production
• Low Maintenance
• Minimal Space Requirement

Product Details

• Made From 100% Recycled Material
• 1/4” Polyethylene
• Accommodates 6 Screens (up to 23x31”)
• Overall Dimensions: 36” x 16”x 26 1/4”
• 3/4” Threaded Drain
• Includes ON/OFF Spigot
• Includes Cover/ Lid
• Includes Drip Tray
• Includes Hold Down Bar<