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Tekmar Exhaustex 2000 Cleaning Station

by Tekmar
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The Tekmar Exhaustex 2000 Cleaning Station is a revolutionary addition to the spot cleaning technology industry. With its powerful 2 speed vacuum motor, it will efficiently remove airborne contaminants generated in the process of spot cleaning. The stainless steel chemical shield seeking out and vacuuming away any over-spray that is captured. It comes with an adjustable stainless steel arm for optimal cleaning efficiency and safety. The refillable activated carbon (charcoal) filtration unit allows the use of this system within the production facility as well as conventionally vented to the outside. There's even a built-in gun stand coming with air dryer and inspection light as well as convenience outlet for cleaning gun purposes. Further more, all wiring are done according to international standards, built-in fuse protection included. Don't hesitate and get yours now to experience unparalleled performance!