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Flock Adhesive - 3820

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Size: Quart

Phthalate-free 3820 Direct Print Flock Adhesive for textile screen printing. 3820 Flock Adhesive provides excellent adhesion to most flock fibers and a very soft and flexible flock print.

3820 Flock Adhesive was developed to provide strong flock adhesion that cures into a soft, elastic, pliable print. Comments from the large print production shops that beta tested 3820 Flock Adhesive noted the products as one of the best flock adhesives on the market today.

Our customers asked us to formulate a flock adhesive that is easy to use and provides a soft, flexible print. 3820 Flock Adhesive prints smoothly, holds flock fibers firmly, yet cures to a flexible full-bodied print. In other words, it exceeded customers' expectations.

3820 Flock Adhesive is a 2-part system, is easy to use and can be used on 100% cotton and cotton/poly blend fabrics. The catalyst will help adhere the flock fibers to the substrate to greatly improve washfastness. Its "short" body allows a thick deposit to be printed easily for flocking. Flock is currently in fashion again with many apparel designers and decorators, so don't be left out!