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FN-INK Pearl Ink

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  • FN-INK™ Pearl can be printed on its own or mixed with other colors, so printers can add a pearlescent effect to any print.
  • The ink maintains the soft-hand feel printers have loved with the FN-INK™ line.
  • It's easy to work with, which helps streamline production while producing a high-quality print.

FN-INK™ Pearl is a low cure ink. However, the flakes will reflect heat when cured in an electric dryer, slowing the curing process. Proper wash testing should ensure cure parameters are optimal before running any production.

FN-INK™ Pearl is not a low bleed ink. If printing on a poly or poly blended garment, please consider using a low bleed underbase like FN-INK™ Barrier Black.

The pearl will look the best when worn or displayed in brightly lit areas so the full effect of the pearl flake can be reflected and seen.

Bring your art to life. Unlock specialty printing today with FN-INK™ Pearl.


  • Produces a pearlescent effect
  • Easy to work with
  • Soft-hand prints
  • Can mix with other colors


Printing direct to fabric: It’s not recommended to print FN-INK™ Pearl directly to fabric. The rough texture of the garment will not produce the smooth finish, which is needed for an optimal print. It can be done, but printers will receive much better results when printing over a smooth, paper-like base.

Printing over a base white, a clear base, or another color: Depending on the needs of the design, mesh counts ranging from 156 standard to 230 thin thread will work best. Using lower mesh counts will lay down a thicker ink deposit that will give a brighter, luster effect.

Adding color to FN-INK™ Pearl: It is recommended to add 5%–20% of color to the pearl. Pastel shades will be the easiest to create and will allow the pearl color to shine through the print. If more color is needed to achieve the desired effect, add more. Be aware that adding too much color can cover the pearl flake, reducing or eliminating the pearlescent effect. Take care when adding white or black, or inks with a lot of white or black in them as they can cover the pearl flake after a small addition. Not all colors will look good or are reproducible. Always test new colors thoroughly before starting production.

*Some colors are inherently translucent and any addition of a clear additive will create a loss of opacity or coverage.


Any emulsion works with FN-INK™ Pearl.

Mesh Counts for Direct to Fabric

  • Standard Mesh: 86-156
  • Thin Thread: 110-156 (Thin thread will look and print the best.)

Mesh Counts for Over an Underbase

  • Standard Mesh: 156-180
  • Thin Thread: 156-230 (Thin thread mesh will look and print best.)

Always print the pearl over another ink like a white base.


Be sure to stir the product prior to use. Stir thoroughly. Print and perform a wash test before production.


The ink is ready to print right out of the container, no modification is necessary. If desired, you can modify it with a curable reducer at up to 5% by weight. If greater stretch is required for troublesome garments, add FN-INK™ Stretch starting at 5%. Add more if greater stretch is desired.


Underbasing FN-INK™ Pearl: For the best pearlescent effect, create a paper-smooth underbase. To create a smooth underbase, manual screen printers should use a smoothing screen while auto printers can use a smoothing screen or in-head iron after flashing the underbase. Smoothing the underbase ensures all shirt fibers are flattened into the ink layer. The smoother the print surface, the better the pearlescent effect will be.

To get an even print with enough flake deposit, use a 70 durometer or a 65/90/65 squeegee blade. A blade that is too soft will not properly shear the ink whereas a blade that’s too hard or stiff will result in a thinner ink deposit.

When possible, do a flood print. The flood stroke will pre-fill the stencil and make it easier to fully clear the ink from the screen. It will also help produce a smoother ink deposit.


Even though FN-INK™ Pearl is a low cure ink, the flake in the ink can reflect heat, which causes it to take longer to reach cure. If used side by side with the FN-INK™ classic line, the classic ink may reach full cure quicker than the pearl. If you notice issues with the pearl after performing a wash test, then it did not reach full cure due to the reflected heat in the dryer.


When testing cured ink, perform a wash test to ensure proper cure prior to going into production.

Even though FN-INK™ Pearl is a low cure ink, it can reflect heat in electric dryers, which means the metallic ink takes longer to cure compared to the classic line of FN-INK™. Increase the dwell time (retention time in the conveyor dryer) or the temperature to ensure the ink reaches full cure.


Use any press wash to clean it up.


Keep container(s) tightly closed. Store in a cool, well-ventilated location out of direct sunlight.