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Matsui Brite Discharge Base

by Matsui
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$18.95 - $1,800.00
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Size: Quart

Matsui Brite Discharge Base

Brite Discharge Base - Discharge System for reactive dyes. This is an excellent, highly pigmented brighter discharge system.

Matsui Brite Discharge Base is neutral which means it contains no color or pigment in it.   For this base to work you need to mix the discharge activator / agent (powder) at 4-6% which will then discharge out the fabric dye color of the shirt / fabric leaving it white.  The fabric / shirt will have a no feel to it.

To add color you would use Matsui Pigments to obtain the color wanted.  When mixing/adding (no more than 10%) Matsui NEO Color Pigment concentrates to the Brite Discharge Base, the color will discharge into the fabric / t-shirt leaving a very vibrant color / pigment that is imbedded into the fabric or shirt.

*Discharge ink/bases can be used with most 100% cotton shirts which have the best results.   50/50 cotton/poly, and 100% polyester and all other ratios may work as well in most cases.  (Pre testing is recommended prior to production run)



MESH 80-160
STENCIL A water proof direct emulsion or capillary film should be used for optimal performance.
SQUEEGEE 60-80 Durometer square edge
MIXING Mix 10% or less pigment with 100% discharge binder making sure to mix pigment into binder before mixing in the Discharge Agent. Discharge Agent should be mixed 10% into 100% discharge binder (by weight). Fixer N can be added to improve wash fastness.
DRYING Matsui Water-Based Discharge System ink must be heat cured for 2.5 - 3 minutes at 300 to 320 degrees F.
FINISHING It is highly recommended to wash and dry garments or fabrics before packaging and shipping.
CLEAN UP Use water and mild soap to wipe screens, screen frames and squeegees and any surfaces in contact with ink.

** It is the responsibility of the printer to test and determine suitability of all products before a     production run.

Application techniques may vary.