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Matsui Pearl Binder

by Matsui
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$24.95 - $99.00
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Size: Quart

Matsui Pearl Binder

Pearl Binder W-5 - International product - FOB Japan
Pearl Binder W-5 is a pearl binder to obtain pearl glossiness in the design of reactive dyestuff printing process on cotton.

Pearl Binder 301 is a versatile pearlescent base designed for use in screen printing. It can be used as a standalone product or blended with "Neo Pigments" to create a wide array of colors.


  1. Easy to Mix and Print:

    • Pearl Binder 301 can be effortlessly mixed and printed, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.
  2. Color Customization:

    • When tinted with Neo Pigments up to 2%, it allows for the creation of multiple vibrant colors, expanding creative possibilities.
  3. Excellent Printability:

    • Maintains excellent printability without requiring viscosity modifications, making it user-friendly and adaptable to various printing processes.
  4. Soft Hand Feel:

    • Offers an extremely soft hand feel, a quality that PVC inks cannot achieve, enhancing the texture and comfort of printed fabrics.
  5. Compliance and Safety:

    • OEKO-TEX® Compliant: Meets stringent safety and environmental standards.
    • CPSIA and HR4040 Compliant: Ensures the product is safe for use, particularly in children's products.
  6. Environmentally Safe:

    • The product is "PVC Free" and environmentally safe, aligning with eco-friendly practices and reducing environmental impact.

Pearl Binder 301 is an excellent choice for those looking to achieve high-quality, customizable, and environmentally conscious screen printing results.