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Screen Printing 101 Class | March 15-16, 2024
Screen Printing 101 Class

Riley Hopkins Laser Guiding System

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The simplest tools can make the biggest difference in a complex process. Meet the Riley Hopkins Laser Guiding System. Used just like a T-square and sharpie, the laser system creates a bright crosshair for registration lines on the platen that can be seen on the platen AND on top of the garment. Screen printers can load and align left chest designs, pocket prints, neck tags, and any other unique print placements with ease.

The laser system is designed to fit on most Riley Hopkins presses like the 300, 250, AERO, WIN, and 6-color Riley JR presses. Pony up your press today and never print crooked again with the Riley Hopkins Laser Guiding System.


Easily sets uniform pallet distance during press setup.
Shines center lines and neck placement guides for simple shirt loading.
Creates XY lines for pocket placements and cut-piece goods.
Crosshair laser and USB laser charger
Telescoping center mount
XYZ Laser Mounts
30kW Laser with adjustable line/points
USB Power Cord included
USB Rechargeable Power Supply


Riley Hopkins AERO/Win
All Riley Hopkins Jr. Presses
Riley Hopkins 250
Riley Hopkins 300
Riley Hopkins 350
* Not compatible with Riley Hopkins 500, 150, or DIY Presses.