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Sprayway 945 Silicone Spray

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$8.15 - $97.80
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Size: 1 Can
Sprayway 945 in screen printing is used to spray on the print side of the screen to create a slick surface for wet on wet printing without a flash dryer. It helps keep the screen free of excess ink that would build up without 945 silicone spray. It can also be used to help lubricate and silence a squeeky screen printing press.
  • retards corrosion
  • Heat-stable release agent
  • Makes everything slide & glide easier
  • Dries quickly
  • Leaves no greasy or oily film

Furniture/Auto Trim/Upholstery: Speeds cutting and sewing while eliminating material drag. It stops bunching and binding and facilitates fabric flow.

Printers: Prevents rust on paper cutters, drills, dies, saws, etc. Prevents the adhesion of glue to equipment.

Hardware/Industrial Maintenance: Eliminates sticking problems in plastic and rubber molding. Helps fight 
rust on tools and equipment. Prevents adhesion of sticky materials to equipment.