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Wood Screen Printing Squeegee - 70 Durometer

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$4.59 - $108.00
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Width: 3 IN


When choosing the proper squeegee for your jobs, there are so many reasons to pick one by McLogan Supply.



  • Ergonomic Handles - Made to improve a worker's efficiency while reducing discomfort, fatigue, and risk of injury.

  • Cut to Size - We want to accommodate any print size you are taking on. We do special cuts for you ranging from 2" to 72"

  • Made to Last - Every squeegee is made to last, able to withstand thousands of prints



Having a fresh sharp edge along your blade helps to ensure a great print. You don’t want to be caught with a damaged or dull blade, this can result in a failed print. To maintain your squeegees make sure to clean the blades thoroughly after every use. You can use an Ultimate Squeegee Cleaner to clean off any inks. Also, store them where the blades will be protected on a Squeegee Rack.


Are you using the right squeegee?


Depending on your mesh count you want to use the right squeegee for the job. There are 3 colors that all have separate meanings. Orange, Yellow, and Green.

60 Duro - The orange blade sometimes also in the color of red is a 60 Durometer squeegee blade. It is the softest and most bendable blade out of the 3 blades. The 60 duro squeegee is perfect for laying a thick deposit of ink. This would be useful if you were printing white on a black t-shirt and you couldn’t get it too covered with the harder squeegee.

70 Duro - The yellow color is a 70 durometer squeegee blade that is in the middle. The 70 duro squeegee is usually the go-to squeegee for most average mesh counts and inks.

80 Duro - Finally the green blade can also be found in blue which are 80 durometer squeegee blades. They are very stiff blades that are best for printing onto harder substrates. An 80 duro squeegee can also be very helpful for printing CMYK prints that have higher mesh counts.

If you still aren’t sure which squeegee to go with, we always recommend starting with the yellow durometer squeegee.