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Stretch Ink Additive - 1199

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Size: Quart

The 1199 Stretch Ink Additive can be added to regular plastisol ink to add elasticity and elongation. Ideal when printing today's performance or athletic and other stretchable fabrics, especially those containing Lycra or Spandex. Additive can be mixed into the 700, 7600 or any other plastisol inks.


Mixing of the 1199 additive into the ink may be done by volume or by weight. When mixing by volume, the ratio is 2 parts ink to 1 part additive. By weight the ratio is 3 parts ink to 1 part additive. 
For opaque inks, mixing by weight is highly recommended for best results. 

Sample formula:

Product                                                            Weight
711 LF LB HP FF White                                 240 Grams
1199 LF Stretch Additive                                  80 Grams

                                                           TOTAL  320 Grams

This formula will make ½ pint of opaque white stretch ink. To mix 1 pint of stretch ink, multiply the above formula by 2, for a quart, multiply by 4.  Always mix the stretch additive thoroughly into the desired ink. Mixed ink has an indefinite shelf life when stored in a cool area