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Ulano CDF Vision - 15 Dual Cure Capillary Film

by Ulano
SKU UCDFV15-25X394
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$768.30 - $999.00
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Size: 25" x 394" - 6pk

CDF Vision is a sophisticated diazo dual-cure capillary film system designed for high-quality screen printing. It offers several advantages due to its unique formulation:

  1. Controlled Mesh Penetration and Enhanced Photo-polymerization:

    • Ensures sharp printing shoulders.
    • Provides mechanical durability, essential for maintaining the integrity of the print over time.
  2. Optimal Resolution and Definition:

    • The precise control of particulate size helps in reducing granularity effects, which results in clear and detailed prints.
  3. Micro-Structural Pattern:

    • Texturing agents create a pattern on the stencil’s bottom, which minimizes issues related to hydrostatic and electrostatic attraction:
      • High Humidity: Reduces hydrostatic attraction to the printing stock.
      • Low Humidity: Minimizes electrostatic attraction.
  4. Wide Compatibility:

    • Suitable for use with UVs, vinyls, and nearly all solvent-based inks, making it versatile for various printing needs.
  5. Applications:

    • The varying thickness of CDF Vision makes it ideal for diverse applications, including:
      • Electronics circuit traces and membrane switches.
      • Halftones for detailed image reproduction.
      • CDs and DVDs for high-definition media.
      • Ceramic decals for durable and decorative designs.
      • Posters for large-scale graphics.
      • Containers and bottles for labeling and branding.

Overall, CDF Vision is designed to enhance the quality and durability of screen-printed products across a broad range of applications.