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Ulano Trifecta SBQ Dual-Cure Emulsion (No Mix) - Textile

by Ulano
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$33.82 - $77.78
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Type: Violet
Size: Quart

TRIFECTA SBQ Dual-Cure Textile Emulsion; Presensitized for Use with Water-Based, Plastisol and Discharge Inks, No Sensitizer or Hardening Needed* Good for CTS, LED exposure units, automatic washout and reclaiming equipment.

TRIFECTA is a ready-to-use, extremely fast exposing and durable, violet-colored SBQ-dual cure direct emulsion for imprinted sportswear printing with water-based, discharge and plastisol inks, including post-phthalate formulations. Properly prepared, TRIFECTA stencils do not require any sensitizers or hardeners to withstand the most aggressive textile inks on the market. All the TRIFECTA stencils require to obtain durability is sufficient UV-light for exposure and post-exposure. TRIFECTA is formulated for compatibility with stationary and scanning CTS (computer-to-screen) exposure sources, including LED-based units. For maximum resolution and wider exposure latitude, yellow mesh usage is recommended with conventional exposure systems and with CTS exposure units.

TRIFECTA features fairly high viscosity (6500 centipoise at 25º C.) which provides good coating control, even on coarse mesh. Its high solids content facilitates fast drying, good buildup of EOM per coating stroke and, thus, good printed edge definition.

*In the rare cases, where 10,000 prints or more are required with aggressive inks, diazo or chemical hardening may be used.



Ultra-fast exposing

Suitable for CTS exposure systems
Good wet strength, exposure latitude, and durability

Easy wash-out

Fast stencil through-put for high volume shops
Suitable for automatic washout units

High (~43%) solids content

Fast drying
Better mesh bridging for good printed edge definition

High (6500 centipoise) viscosity

Easier to control during coating, even on coarse mesh

Shelf Life

Unopened: 1 year at 70º F (21º C)

COLOR : Violet

SOLIDS : 43%

VISCOSITY : 6500 cps

SENSITIZER : SBQ Dual-cure; Presensitized