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Xtreme Magz Media Magnets With Handle

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Size: Pack Of 6

Xtreme Magz Media Magnets With Handle: A Must-Have for Effortless Vinyl and Wrap Applications

Xtreme Magz Media Magnets, an essential tool for every shop and installer. Designed to simplify the process of applying vinyl and wraps, these magnets feature a large 1 5/8” diameter with a Sooper Soft Rubber Coating, ensuring utmost care for your graphics and substrates.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Application: Streamline your vinyl and wrap application process with these magnets, making the task a breeze.
  2. Sooper Soft Rubber Coating: The large 1 5/8” diameter magnets come equipped with a gentle rubber coating, guaranteeing that your graphics and substrates remain unharmed during the application.
  3. Bright Neon Color: Easily locate your magnets with the bright neon color, adding convenience to your workspace.
  4. Versatile Usage: These magnets can be used as a superior alternative to masking tape for positioning graphics, providing a secure and reliable hold.